Jennifer started her career in early 2000, helping individuals with substance abuse and legal issues.  She worked in a variety of settings, handling different aspects of counseling and case management.  She continued her career in substance abuse for the next 12 years; providing counseling to addicts, family members and individuals with dual diagnosis (mental health and substance abuse).   She implemented and led a variety of groups, as well as providing individual and family sessions.    

In 2013, Jennifer decided to go into private practice, focusing more on the mental health aspect.   She work with patients that suffer from anxiety, depression, mood disorders, obsessive-complulsive disorder, past trauma, relationship issues, low self-esteem, career changes, transitional life changes and some substance abuse.   She offers a supportive environment for individuals, couples and families.  

Aside, from Jennifer's extensive background in substance abuse and mental health, she has completed training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Treatment of Eating Disorders and Conflict Resolution.   Jennifer offers a solution focused approach and is interactive in sessions.  Jennifer has also recently became a trained Divorce Mediator.